Outreach & virtual outreach

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you through our outreach and virtual outreach programmes


Outreach & virtual outreach

Virtual Outreach

Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver a digital history lesson straight to your classroom with our live Virtual Outreach sessions.

Inspired by the themes of our award-winning workshops, these immersive, interactive and curriculum-linked sessions are led by our team of expert presenters. Designed with Key Stage 2 in mind but suitable for all key stages, our Learning Team are happy to discuss your specific learning aims.

All you need to take part is a webcam, microphone and access to a video conferencing platform – we currently support the use of Skype, Zoom and Google Meet, but we are happy to discuss other platform requirements. We can even include children studying from home, meaning everyone in your class can stay connected as we explore the past together.

For more information about booking a virtual outreach session, please download our handy teachers’ guide here and our virtual outreach risk assessment here.

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DIG! Digital

Hear from one of our friendly archaeologists and enjoy a 45-minute session exploring the fascinating archaeology of a period of your choice. Find out how our field archaeologists plan for a dig, see some exclusive finds from York’s excavations and help to uncover the mysteries of some of the most significant sites in the UK. These virtual outreaches are a great option for exploring STEM topics too.

DIG! The VikingsWhy did the Vikings come to Britain, and who were they really? Analyse the evidence they left behind to challenge and support your ideas about the Norse raiders and settlers of the 10th century.
DIG! The RomansCan you tell your fortress from your colonia? Piece together evidence from the fort, houses and workshops of the empire’s northernmost military city for an exciting glimpse into life in Roman York.
DIG! PrehistoryWhat changes took place from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age? Discover Yorkshire’s most important prehistoric sites and explore the evidence for changes in technology, diet and lifestyle.


Virtual Vikings

Your students can spend 45 minutes discovering what life was like in the Viking Age from the perspective of different 10th-century inhabitants of the city of Jorvik. So, do you want to meet with the settlers living in the Viking city, marvel at goods from distant lands, or hear tales of warriors, gods and giants? The choice is yours!

Warriors and RaidingIt’s time to prepare for battle! Discover some of the causes of raiding and warfare in Viking times, see some of the weapons that were used and hear tales of how clever strategies brought victory on the battlefield.
Settlers and TradeNot everyone in the Viking period was a raider: meet a friendly settler from the 10th-century city of Jorvik and discover more about how they made their living, kept a home and the items they traded with distant lands.
Skalds and StorytellingExperience the magic of Viking sagas and poetry with a Viking storyteller. Discover the stories of gods, giants and heroes in Viking society and hear some of the Old Norse language spoken on these shores over a thousand years ago.
Cures and MedicineWho would treat an injured warrior or sickly settler? Learn how plants, animals, insects and even magic were used to cure ailments of the past and decide which cures you think would work best.
Bespoke Q&A SessionHelp your pupils enhance their history studies or develop ideas for literacy work by interviewing one of our Vikings! Pose questions about lifestyle, food, clothing and homes, or enquire about their travels and adventures- it’s a Viking encounter like no other!



Meet the Medieval Medic

In these social history sessions, you can discover life in a medieval city as recounted by our diligent citizens. From the pageantry and politics of a royal visit, to the hustle and bustle of a prosperous townhouse, there’s bound to be something to get your students in a medieval mindset.

Meet the Barley Hall ServantBrush up on your manners and meet a friendly inhabitant from York’s medieval townhouse, Barley Hall. Discover what life was like for both the family and the servants living in a busy merchant’s household and if your class would have enjoyed working as a steward or maid!
Meet the Townsfolk – York in the time of Richard IIIExperience the story of the struggle for the crown between the Houses of York and Lancaster first-hand from one of the city’s residents. Hear more about life in the city under King Richard III, his rise to the throne and the battles of the Wars of the Roses that paved the way.
Meet the Townsfolk – York in the time of Henry VIIIYork has recently been visited by King Henry VIII and you can hear all about it from one of his more opinionated subjects. Learn about Henry’s new laws and how his implementation of the English Reformation has transformed the city and led to unrest. Whose side will you be on?
Medieval Matters (KS2/3)Explore how medical practices have changed through the ages by coming face-to-face with our medieval medic. Learn about diagnosis, cures and preventative measures as you explore the tools of the trade for physicians, surgeons and other healers in the Middle Ages.
Medieval Matters (GCSE)This session has been devised to support your medicine-through-time thematic study for History GCSE. Our medieval barber-surgeon will discuss contemporary attitudes to wellbeing, illness and medicine, as well as the range of treatments and practitioners available to people in the medieval city. The role of hospitals, the Church and the ancient writings of Hippocrates and Galen will all come under the spotlight.





We now offer discounts on multiple bookings so it’s easier than ever before to book several sessions to support your class’ learning across the term or for other classes studying this topic to share in the experience.

Our pricing for virtual outreach across any of our available platforms is as follows from September 2021:

Single Session PackageTwo-Session PackageThree-Session PackageFour-Session Package

We recommend our virtual outreach sessions for class sizes of up to 40 children, so that all pupils have the opportunity to interact with the virtual guests but you can discuss your exact requirements when placing your booking.

Home Education groups: We are happy to take bookings for several families on the same virtual outreach session. Please contact our Reservations Team to discuss your requirements. Throughout the year we also offer Virtual Outreach sessions that Home Educators can book individually. Please sign up to the Learning Mailing List to find out the next dates for these.

To place a booking or to discuss your options further, please contact our Reservations Team at schools@yorkat.co.uk or by phone on 01904615505.



Due to the current coronavirus situation we are unable to offer our usual outreach visits at the present time; please sign up to our Learning mailing list to get the latest news on our offer as soon as it becomes available. If your enquiry is urgent, contact our Reservations Team at schools@yorkat.co.uk or by phone on 01904615505.