For ages 0-5

Our Tiny Diggers playgroup is perfect for ages 0-5

DIG Experience

Whilst DIG is a great experience for ages 5-12, we do have a fun play area for under 5’s.

Find out more about visiting for ages 5-12 or plan your visit to DIG.

Or read on to find out about Tiny Diggers – a fun playgroup every Monday & Friday

morning at DIG.

Tiny Diggers

Looking for a fun, safe, regular meet-up for parents, babies and toddlers? Join Tiny Diggers – our new group promoting sensory play for babies and toddlers every Monday and Friday morning at DIG: An Archaeological Adventure.

We’ve created sessions designed exclusively for babies and toddlers – a chance to play in a safe, tactile environment which uses textures found in archaeology to introduce touch-based play.

There are two types of sessions: one for those who have not yet learned to walk, and another for mobile youngsters aged up to 4 years.  We offer free coffee and biscuits for parents and carers to enjoy as they socialise.

Themed content each week will introduce varied stimuli which includes messy play to promote fine motor skills and engage all the senses. Fun for your little one – and you too!

The sessions can be booked as one-offs (£6.50) or in blocks of four weeks (£20). A parent or carer must accompany the child at all times, and we ask that only one adult accompanies each child.

We know how tricky it can be to get everything ready for a set time, so don’t worry if you are ever running a little late for the start of the session – you won’t feel as though you have missed out!

Tiny Diggers will run from 6th June – 15th July 2022.

How to book

Tiny diggers is split into two age ranges:

  • Babies/Pre-Walkers (approx. 0-2 years)
  • Toddlers/Walkers (approx. 2-4 years)

Please select the number of tickets for the age range you need.

You will then be asked to select the dates you would like to attend. Please make sure you select the appropriate session time/day for the age range.

Sessions are 9am Mondays for pre-walkers, and 9am Fridays for walkers.

Once you have chosen your sessions, filled in your details and paid, you will receive a booking confirmation by email.

If you have any queries, please contact the Reservations Team ( / 01904 615505).