We provide videos that allow you to see our artefacts and how they’ve been preserved  

Season 1 – Videos

Our videos provide the perfect chance for your class to see some of our artefacts and how we preserve them. If they like this why not see what other virtual outreach we offer. 

Episode 1 – Viking Sock

Episode 2 – Viking Coin Die

Episode 3 – Viking Board Game

Episode 4 – Viking Instruments

Season 2 

Each of the second season’s presentations features one of our unique artefacts and explains their use, construction and history in easily understood terms and with the help of a friendly medieval resident ! These vodcasts can be used by teachers, parents and pupils to help bring alive the topic of living in medieval York.

Episode 1 – Archer’s Bracer

Episode 2 – Ampullae

Episode 3 – Seal Matrices

Episode 4 – Medieval Mystery Object